With Growing Technology Comes Growing Risk

With the rising use of the internet as a marketing hub, it is imperative for businesses to keep their secure information classified. This requires the aid of competent and tech savvy security experts who are armed with knowledge that enables them to manage the growing complexities associated with securing data, networks and systems.

rising use of the internet

  • Analyzes, recommends, and implements the installation of security software, locks, alarm systems, and other security measures to prevent hackers from infiltrating company information.
  • Monitors and analyzes attempted efforts to compromise security protocols. Identifies and investigates activities and conducts and provides analyses regarding results. Escalates issues to higher level associates.
  • Monitors and assists in analyzing security systems for routers, switches and firewalls to ensure proper connectivity and configuration.
  • Reviews computer logs and messages to identify and report possible violations of security. Coordinates, documents, and reports on internal investigations of security violations.
  • Conducts tests to determine degree of stability of existing data security architecture.
  • Interacts with customers to understand their security needs; assists in the development and implementation of procedures to accommodate them.
  • Writes security status reports to provide system status, report potential and actual security violations and provide procedural recommendations.

Getting the skills you need

Looking at all those skills needed, the expert must obtain a cyber security master’s degree. Through this degree a student gains fundamental skills that enable him to create and operate various systems with the informational security in mind. Furthermore he gains a comprehensive understanding of challenges faced in these systems and the experience in this field both in theory and practice.

The degree itself may be further specified towards numerous concentrations that are compatible to the student’s endowments in areas of their own interests. For example a course on cyber security with a concentration on Management for individuals who are eager to nurture their entrepreneurial abilities in addition to their aptitude in cyber security. It is a course that can be taken online in certain colleges and universities in order to fit the unique circumstances of individual students. This concentration focuses on bridging the gap between technology and management while at the same time demonstrating how business strategies and processes can be incorporated with computer systems. It not only links the corporate world with the technological one, it gives you a clear representation of how the computer systems directly affect your growing business.

Another concentration of the cyber security master’s degree is the technical aspect which enables the prospective student to work hand-on with computer systems programs and develop new ones that will in effect fight back against threats made towards the system and identify areas of weakness in the systems themselves. This concentration is for those who appreciate how systems and networks operate and want to find new and improved ways of fixing them. It provides formal training in systematic engineering theories on ways of designing and maintaining software created for computer systems.

The cyber security master’s degree helps prospective students progress in leadership and management roles that specialize in developing and executing strategies for creating computer systems for securing data and ensuring vital information remains classified as well as blending your information technology abilities with business skills that grow your business to meet the demands of the growing international markets.

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