Website Design – Give Priority to Your Users

Web design is an important part of the marketing strategy of a business with an online presence. This is the liaison between the seller and the buyer. The better you design your site, the stronger this will liaison be. Your website appearance can work for you, drawing clients closer, or it can work against you by pushing people away.

Where do most people go wrong?

Not everyone is able to design a site that sells. You need creativity and the willingness to work hard, but these are not enough. You have to remember that you don’t design the site in order for you to like it. Your purpose is to get the approval of your visitors. Many site owners forget about this and don’t keep their audience in mind when defining their web design. Study your audience and give them what they are looking for. This is the principle around which the entire sales industry revolves. The client has a goal, and you have to make sure that your company will fulfil that need. Otherwise, they will simply look somewhere else. There are plenty of other businesses in the same industry as yours.

Keep it simple

All the elements of your design must harmonise together, creating an easy-to-use website. The first-time user won’t waste time trying to find what they are looking for. If they can’t find it with two clicks, they can easily assume you don’t have it. This is why having a clear navigation structure is mandatory. You know you have achieved complete navigation clarity and accessibility when a 7-year-old child who knows how to read does not feel lost on your site. It’s actually recommended that you test your design on a child who sees your site for the first time.

In addition, don’t occupy every inch of space on your website. Leaving white space enhances readability and avoids the situation where the visitor feels someone is desperately trying to catch him in a net and to take his money out of his pocket, metaphorically speaking, of course. If you weren’t aware of this already, it’s a sign you may need professional help. A good place to start is this Redmill read more page, where you will learn how a marketing agency can help your business grow.

Improve load time

Giving priority to your users means doing everything that enhances their experience with your site. The time that a page takes to load is crucial here. The Internet has trained us to think that information is available without effort or the need to wait. If the user has to wait for your page to load, he is likely to go away before it loads. Although two seconds of one’s time does not mean much, the average Internet user is annoyed quickly and starts complaining about how his time may be better spent somewhere else. In order to improve load time, minimise flash content and graphics. Also, optimise HTML and script codes, and don’t forget to use SSI files.

In conclusion, an effective web design is fast, easy to use, and is tailored according to the needs of the audience.

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