Useful iPhone Applications for Designers

IPhone offers some wonderful features for designers from sketching to choosing fonts and colors. It allows you to do your work with ease whether you are in your studio or somewhere else, the sole purpose is to speed up your work by providing distinguishing features. Stocked with the right applications, iPhone is popular in the design world. It aids you to manage your daily design overload effectively. It saves time as well as money. Some of its useful applications are as below:

  • Marksta:

It is a great application which allows you to watermark your designs. It is helpful in copyrighting information or adding a logo to the images directly from your iPhone before you upload them on Twitter or Facebook.

  • Photoshop:

In your busy schedules, often you are on the move. Photoshop integrated feature of iPhone is very helpful in this regard. Adobe has downsized Photoshop’s application for the smaller screen, enabling you to carry on your work in the same manner as on your iPad or personal PC. You are able to render your work with adjustment options, layers, palettes and filters.

There is an additional “Camera Fill” feature which allows you to use your Smartphone’s camera for filling an area with a layer.

  • Geló:

It is also a great application available on the iPhone similar to gradient effect. Once you have taken a photo, you will notice a carousel of different kinds of gels. Going through it to pick the right color you need and apply it to your image. You are able to control the filter up shots of your shot by using the sliders. You can change the point of the effect and tweak individual colors unless you get a graduation of your choice. There are also options available how to apply the gel result, that is a tint, solid gel or assorted into color palettes. Hence, you can come up with inspiring images combined with distinctive tweaks.

  • Dot:

This application enables you to come up with a business card technique portal with the help of your iPhone. You are able to add pages of blogs, gallery as well as about yourself. You can also enhance your website by use of the logo and social networking site buttons on each page. You can add contact information too. A great feature of is “Call me” button which provides geographical map direction to your website.

  • MyPrice:

It is a great application for a freelance beginner as it enables to calculate your charges easily. It will also assist you to decide how much you should be charging for your creative and exclusive services devoted to a project in accordance to your education, experience and location.

  • Evernote:

It is a great way for designers to store your inspirations. You can easily save things you adore, hear and see across your surroundings. In other words, it allows you to save your unique ideas which can be used when required. You can then search by tags, keywords or even text written inside images.

  • Instagram:

Instagram is recently launched and is a great application of photo sharing enabling its community to capture pictures, applying filters over them and sharing on a range of social networking websites.

  • Reminder:

It is a great application which will be shown even if it is not running. It helps you to meet all your targets even when you are overwhelmed by workflow. It shows notification messages at regular intervals for reminding you over the time.

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