TV Protection in Hospitals

When a hospital is designing a refurbishment, extension or new built, the hospital usually appoints an architect to design the ward, or behavioural unit.


Now ProEnc started working with architects back in 2009 and in 2011 the design for television enclosures had been approved by the board of architects that advise the US Federal Mental Health department.

As you can imagine TV protection and making a wall mounted TV anti ligature can be a challenge and in the past years we have been called into hospitals to replace what’s been sold anti ligature housings for TV’s that just fall apart when attacked for the first time.

Architects brief

The architects are brought in to the project to ensure the built is fully compliant with the legal requirements of an anti ligature environment. This means specifying everything from door locks, furniture, curtain rails to protective housings for televisions.

Even the fire alarms have to be accessible but yet prevent a patient from harming them self.

In our experience we find projects that are not run by architects don’t run as smoothly as the projects when an architects leads.

When an architect is not involved

We’ve experienced builds being 2 weeks from completion, for someone to realise that the anti ligature aspect has been overlooked, this in some instances has resulted in TV’S being installed as normal without protection. We’ve even been contacted before an inspection to replace products that are just not up to the job!

Something that has never been done before. This housing just bolts to the wall and can be skimmed up to the edge and then painted, so it appears part of the wall and does not take any space off the confined area in a patients room.


Not all protective anti ligature housings are the same, we’ve had Facility Directors contact us prior to opening the hospital wing, insisting that the poor plastic products supplied are removed immediately. They are very confused when they get the price as the price is less than the cost of the thin plastic box that can easily be used to harm someone when they are in a fragile mental state.

When they get our product they question why the installer or office furniture company made the decision to use a product that is not specified and is a potential danger to both patients and staff.

So if you want the best in anti ligature TV housings, contact ProEnc on (862) 234-5981 today.

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