Top five features to look for in a games console

Buying or looking for a new gaming console is never easy. Whilst choice is always a good thing, an over saturation of choice leaves a bad taste with many gamers; just how do you choose between them? In this regard, here are a few features that should prove as useful for this for what to look for.

This can hopefully help you find a new console, or switch to something more preferable. Don’t forget you can always sell your old devices, such as selling old consoles or selling Nintendo 3DS online, to generate money if the cost itself is more of an issue.

  1. The games

First and foremost, you want your gaming console to play games. With the world of console-exclusive titles, it’s more important than ever. More than this, a look through any consoles standing catalogue of entries can tell you what the console itself has to offer.

For instance, if the vast majority of games aren’t something you would play, is this something you’re comfortable with. Past trends and current trends are good indicators of the future. If certain games are popular, and more are on the horizon, it’s best if they’re the kind of titles you want to get your hands on.

  1. Other media

For many, the modern game console also needs to be a central hub for media. Home consoles accept other media discs, such as DVDs and Bluray, in addition to online options, such as streaming. Even portable consoles offer downloadable media, such as games, music and videos. If you want the most from your console, pick something that leans towards the collecting, playing and sharing of media.

  1. Connectivity

With modern computing and technology, everything is connected. A gaming console, likewise, often comes with an internet connection. At home this isn’t a problem, but there are always factors to consider. What is the connection service on offer like? Likewise, even portable devices have to worry about signal reception and other factors. Poor connectivity can make a great game unplayable, so make sure you know you’re getting before you buy.

  1. Controls

Accessibility is also important, and a console’s controls are key to this. Any console should feel comfortable in your own hands, with an ergonomic design that makes sense. Without this, your main input method is gone. Other additions include motion sensors and other input devices; it’s all about how you want to play.

  1. Online Services

Similar to connectivity, you want an idea of what’s available online. This isn’t just limited to other services, such as movie streaming, but it also includes any app or game market, as well as the online system itself.

How accessible is the online system, and does it charge additional expenses just to use the online side of the console? All these questions demonstrate the effectiveness of the console’s online presence, which, depending on what you’re after, could be the majority of your console’s lifespan.

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