Take To The Slopes With Schoolmates For An Adventure-Packed Holiday

What do you think of when someone mentions a school trip? A noisy coach hauling disinterested youngsters around a “place of interest,” recalling your own trips? These days, schools are becoming more adventurous in both their activities and their destinations. A ski trip is a great example.

Europe Is Not The Only Option

For a skiing holiday with a difference, consider a long-haul destination. Canada, New Zealand, even Japan. As well as the slopes, there is a chance for students to experience a completely different culture and combine the trip with some sightseeing. The USA is another great place for a ski adventure with great alternatives to keep students entertained.

Why The USA Is A Great Ski Option

The UK’s snow is never guaranteed. In Europe, it is more likely but in the ski resorts of the USA the snow is fluffy and there is lots of it. The ski schools are world class. The countryside is so vast that even in one of the busiest resorts, it could feel as if you have the whole mountain to yourself. The USA is known across the world for its hospitality and “Have a nice day” style. With first-class food and accommodation, a good day is near enough guaranteed. For parents, there is reassurance in the cultural similarities despite the distance and the confidence that language will not prove a barrier for non-linguists making student skiing trips accessible to pupils of all academic strengths.

Is There Anything Else To Do?

Aside from skiing and snowboarding, there are plenty of ways to explore. Ski-joering is relatively new as a sport, although it originated in Scandinavia much longer ago. It once saw reindeer in harnesses used to pull farmers around when other modes of transport were not possible. Today, student skiing thrill-seekers can try their hand at the modern version; the participant still wears skis but is pulled behind a horse instead, with reins to control speed and direction as if on horseback.

Swap the equine sport for horsepower of another kind; for a cross-country adventure without skis, try motorised fun with a skidoo. It is a great way to explore the mountainside and go off-piste. When you have had enough adrenaline, there is always the shopping!

An Adventure Trip Is Worth Getting Out Of School For

A ski adventure could go beyond the slopes. Combined with sightseeing, students have the opportunity to see how subjects connect. A visit to a museum could be about science and history. So much the better if a visit coincides with a current subject to embed the idea that education is a whole and not a series of individual subjects.

So, whether you are an experienced skier or a complete novice, the USA could be the ultimate adventure destination for ski school trips. By using a specialist tour operator, with expertise and experience, schools can ensure they minimise issues whilst away, leaving more time to enjoy the snow!

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