Plus Points and Drawbacks of Using Social Media Services

Plus points of Social Media

1-Get the Data with One Click

Social media has many advantages. It is an important source of information. It helps people to have all the data that they need without having to pay money or to move from one library into another to get the information that they are looking for.  Thanks to the social media, they can catch the news and any information with a simple click

2- Facility of Interaction

Social media give people the opportunity to express their point of views. They can watch many videos and images according to their preferences and give a feedback at the same time. It is a two way communication system.  It helps also to find new friends and talk with them easily especially on the social networking website such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

Drawbacks of social Media

Social media is open to everybody. This paves the way to some people to cheat and take advantage from other people who have small experience in using the social media and who are still not aware of these kinds of abuses. Some people even tends to hurt others feelings and ripe their intimacy. There are many examples of real life stories of cheating people especially through the social networks either for commercial, relational or political reasons.

1- Social Media Addiction

Nowadays, social media has become something vital in our lives. It is a way to be up to date, to make researches, to make business, to meet other people and to make many other things. The more people need it the more they become dependent to it. In certain cases it has even become a kind of addiction especially for young people who spend limitless hours using the social networks such as Facebook and You Tube. They cannot control their use of social media, and carry on interacting with other people even if they have to reduce their sleeping and studying hours.

2- Social Media and Sexual Abuse

There are many social networking websites  using anonymous users to communicate with the contacts on line regardless of their ages and expose them to sexual messages and chocking photos that may affect their  personality and make them shift away to practice other sexual abuses  and prevent them from being innocent and live a normal live at their early age.

3- How to Prevent Social Abuses

There are many steps to follow in order to protect young people from social media abuses.  The parents need to teach their children and talk with them openly and give them examples and details concerning the danger of the uncontrolled use of social networking websites. They need to make sure that they are 100% convinced; otherwise they will find many ways to connect to it and its impact risks to be even worse.

4- Tips to Prevent Social Media Abuses

When being connected you need to be very selective in your choice of topics and websites. Try to visit reliable ones. You need to protect your account and make it as private as possible. That would help you to save your private information and keep away from the bad contacts and abuses.

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