Perfect Diet Plan for Increasing Body Weight in One Month

Perfect Diet Plan for Increasing Body Weight in One Month

Most of us will go for gym and medicines to increase our body weight and to maintain good looks. But we should know that there are some natural techniques for gaining weight. Not only over weight, People has underweight problem also and it is more dangerous than overweight for ladies mainly. During pregnancy period underweight will cause serious issues. For those people who are fed up with regular workouts here providing best natural ways of gaining weight without any efforts and risk. These will not only helps in gaining weight but also helps in improving immunity power. For overweight honey water is best solution for most of the problems. Consuming aurvedic medicines and going for natural ways empty stomach is often routed as it is the best way to gain weight.

Perfect Diet to put on Weight:

  • Meat is best option for gaining weight. Having meat along with heavy olive oil easily makes our body fit with enough weight. Meat contains a high amount of proteins and iron. Some meat parts are specially meant for gaining weight like rib peice, t-bone, strip and beef tenderloin.
  • Dry fruits include Badam, Kaju, dry grapes, peanuts. These are best sources for nutrients and fat. These will insatantly increase our body fat and hence gains weight within no time along with glowing skin color.
  • These are rich in fats and are best solution for gaining weight. Ghee and Butter also helps for glowing skin along with proper gaining of body weight.
  • Wheat bread is rich in nutrients, fiber and minerals and keeps our body with regular energy levels. Lean people will gain weight as it is rich in many grains and can gain weight.




What is newly updated in HTC One M9 Prime Camera Edition Smartphone

What is newly updated in HTC One M9 Prime Camera Edition Smartphone

HTC smartphones are released more than compared with tablets as they are manufacturing with technical features and hence it stands top in Indian market. Same version but updated smartphone was released form HTC. HTC is one of the famous Smartphones and Tablets company and it is the top most mobile brands in the world market. HTC is well known for advanced designed smartphones and HTC has its own recognition as it became famous in very less span of time. This was launched in 1997 as laptop manufacturer and later in 2008 took step forward in smartphone world. HTC announced about its upcoming releases in September, 2015 and planning to release in early May 2016.

As an updated version HTC is planning to release New HTC One M9 Prime camera Edition in May, 2016. HTC recently released One M9 on 10th April, 2015 in India which is a grand success in the market and planning to release HTC One M10 in this year. HTC One M9 is already proved its best in world market and Prime Camera Edition is also expecting the same. Especially HTC One M9 Prime Camera Edition is designed for camera updates.

New Updated Features: Old version of One M9 is with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage capacity where as Prime Camera Edition is with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB inbuilt storage capacity. Camera features are completely changed in Prime Camera Edition. Old One M9 is with 20 MP but for Prime Camera Edition it is coming with 13 Megapixels.

Price will be less when compared to old HTC One M9 and exact price was not yet confirmed. This will be available from May 2016 and will be available in all online shopping websites. It is going to launch in attracting colors Gunmetal Gray, Gold, Silver and Gold. Dimensions and weight is same for both the versions. Display size is same and pixel resolution is little high for Prime Camera Edition.



Effective Home Remedies for Dandruff Problems

Effective Home Remedies for Dandruff Problems

As we all know that Dandruff is a common problem irrespective of their age and gender. Many of them are looking for effective solutions to avoid this. It eliminates dandruff and all the problems that caused by dandruff. Neem when used with lemon will help in removing in dandruff completely if once followed regularly. Neem leaves also act as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal property for virus infections that work together.

Neem is an evergreen tropical tree found easily around the world and can also available an integral part of Ayurvedic medicine and has been used since many years to take care of many health issues mainly skin and hair troubles. Apart from these remedies try to have balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and avoid stress. Below mentioned are some ways of using Neem and Lemon effectively…

  • Allow neem to rest in hot water whole night. Later make these leaves into paste and mix this paste with lemon. Apply gently this paste as hair pact and rinse this with water.
  • Soak fenugreek seeds in water for about three hours add the neem leaves to the seeds along with a few drops of water. Make it into paste and apply this paste as hair pack. Repeat this process weekly once to get better results.
  • We can prepare Neem oil which we can apply alternate days get out of dandruff problems. Using neem is natural and effective way to fight against dandruff. Just make sure you use these remedies regularly to see best results.

While there are many medicines and home remedies available to take care of the dreaded dandruff. People waste time and money by choosing medicines instead of using natural remedies like neem and lemon as these will play as the most effective remedies when compared to medicines and Ayurveda treatments.


Importance of Term Life Insurance and its Working

Importance of Term Life Insurance and its Working

In India we have different Insurance Policies. When compared to other foreign developed countries what we have is very less but still they are very useful for us. These types will depend on the objectives and our requirement. Life Insurance is purely safe and secured. Investment is will help in financial planning also. Different Types of Insurance Policies that are available in India and its objectives are also provided below for reference.

This is basic type of insurance which there will not any kind of special objective. Profit corner is very less in this type of insurance. Term insurance has a guaranteed death benefit but no cash value as the premiums will increase at pre-determined intervals such as 1 year or 5 years or 10 years or 20 years depending on their capacity and availability. Premiums will be cheaper when compared to other types of provident funds. Depending on our premium we have to pay once in a month or once in three months and risk involved is also very less for this type of insurance. Term insurance is specially designed to help people in purchasing the protection they need when they cannot afford to purchase all permanent insurance. It will also help when they only need coverage for a specific period of time.

Term insurance will work depending on the type of policy we are holding. A renewable term life insurance policy is usually available in one to five increments. It can be renewed without the insured having to undergo a medical examination and no need to provide other evidence of good health each year. Level term policy is available which is to provide a fixed amount of coverage with premiums that remain stable over a certain period of time like five to ten year increments.


Reach Opulent

Reach Opulent Specs, Features and Price

Reach is a Kolkata, India based steel, cement, IT, and B2B e-commerce and low cost i.e. budget Smartphone manufacturer. This company is a diversification of Rashmi Group of companies in Kolkata. It has recently entered the smartphone market and it mainly focuses on manufacturing budget and low cost smartphones in India. It has their new smartphone launch in this month , in the name of Reach Opulent. Here is all about the Reach Opulent Specs, features and price.

Reach Opulent Features

Key Features

Memory 8 GB
Operating Sys. Android 5.1 Lollipop
Display 5.0 inch
Camera 5 MP Rear and 2 MP Front
Battery 2500 mah
Processor 1.2 GHz Quad core
Sensors Accelerometer, proximity
Reach Opulent
Reach Opulent

Reach Opulent Specs

Reach Opulent has got awesome specifications in it, it comes with a 5.0 inch long IPS LCD capacitive touch screen with a resolution of about 720 x 1280 pixels. It is mechanized by 1 GB RAM and 1.2 GHz quad core processor for rapid and multitasking of different applications with ease. Reach Opulent is featured with a 5 MP primary camera with a auto focus LED flash and 2 MP secondary camera to capture selfies. It is provided with a internal free memory space of about 8 GB and it can be expanded up to 32 GB using a external microSD card for extra storage space. It is built on a Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system and it is powered by a 2500 mah powerful battery for long battery life. As far as the connectivity options are concerned it has Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G support. It has Accelerometer, proximity, Ambient light sensors on it.

Reach Opulent Price

As Reach being a Indian manufacturer with all the awesome specs and features mentioned above it is available for just RS. 3,599/- only. It is available for sale in all the E commerce websites and all the nearby smartphone selling stores for sale.

Nokia Lumina 650 with 16GB Internal Storage Capacity

Nokia Lumina 650 with 16GB Internal Storage Capacity

Nokia is famous mobile company and from past few years this became some what slow. To overcome this planning to entertain us with its best smartphones in the world after collaborating with Microsoft. 2016 became tough for Microsoft and in this competition year all present day mobile companies are pre planned with their best designed mobiles. In the same way Microsoft is also planning to release Lumina 650 which was announced long back. Released date was initially February but got postponed and finally it is going to launch in April. Nokia mingled with Microsoft and released top best mobiles and now with the same excitement it is going to release Lumina 650. Microsoft has more expectations as it is coming with more fascinating features. It is also well designed to attract youth in all aspects.

Microsoft Lumina 650 Specifications:

Microsoft Lumina 650 price was fixed as Rs. 12,999 only in India. Microsoft weighs 123 grams and with dimensions 142x 70.9 x 6.9 mm. 5.0 inch AMOLED multi touch screen with pixel resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Rear camera is designed with 8 Megapixels with LED flash and front camera is with 5 Megapixels.

Microsoft Lumina 650 is designed with 2000 mAh non removable Li-Polymer battery. For Microsoft Lumina 650 internal memory is designed with 16 GB and can also expandable up to 200 GB using microSD. 1GB RAM. It is designed with Windows 10 Operating System. It is designed with 1.3 GHz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon as processor.

It was launched on 18th February, 2016. It is planning to come with many models in the 2016 as Microsoft contract is going to end by this year. Dual SIM technology (3G+4G) and as of todays updates it will be available in only black and white colors. Nokia is planning to release its best mobile devises in the year of 2016 as this is last year for Microsoft contract.





DDoS Attack Costs and Protection Software

In order to really appreciate the need of DDoS Attack protection software you must know what the attack is all about and how it works.

This is what happens during a DDoS attack

The common target of this type of an attack usually includes application servers, firewall, internet bandwidth, web servers, routers and DNS servers. Now normally in an ordinary traffic, users are able to easily access their products as well as services. But in the DDoS attack the situation changes.  A hostile attacker will target a web server or any other target/victim with the intention of disrupting that particular service.

In case the attacker is willing to carry out an amplified or bigger attack then it will generally target and infect more than one PC which act as multiple hosts and are part of a botnet. At this point the attackers start to create a denial of service condition that is achieved by engaging or blocking the bandwidth. Post this, the target is left saturated with too many requests such that it is way too many than it can take. As a result of this it is unable to react to the legitimate traffic and thus making the website unavailable. This is how DDoS functions.

What is the Costs Involved?

  1. Recovery cost has to be taken care of. In order to make good the infected server and also to bring back the website to functioning condition while also working to mitigate risk in future.
  2. Indirect cost are also involved which generally entail loss of revenue as well as tarnished reputation of the brand.
  3. Opportunity cost cannot be discounted in this case. It is in terms of the lost traffic and the lost customers during which time the server was blocked

Protection Software

The protection software is absolutely necessary not only for the above mentioned reason but also for the fact that if these attacks are prevent then post attack recovery can take days even weeks which will cost much higher than when it would have to prevent the entire thing. Nowadays hackers can send 300 gigabytes of malicious threats every second. To combat this very powerful software is required at every layer of the server to fight off malware and viruses.

Any good protection software will also provide extra perks like a mitigation center, extra servers at your disposal during times of need and also speedy recovery techniques. It will also have filters that will keep a constant eye on the traffic to spot abnormalities and also analyze the traffic stream to record daily changes or out of the norm behavior. This will help identify the characteristic of the target stream and also alert the host in case any attack is underway.

Prevention is better than cure therefore it is advisable for any internet based company to install a DDoS attack protect software without further ado. This will not only safeguard the server but will also analyze the traffic patterns to give insightful information.

Intex Cloud Jewel Budget Smartphone with 2GB RAM

Intex Cloud Jewel Budget Smartphone with 2GB RAM

Intex Cloud jewel is the upcoming smartphone with 5 inch display which planned to release in April one week. Intex basically is well known for all electronic devices like smartphones, LED TV, Home theaters, sound systems, computer parts and laptops. Intex recognized that now a days smartphone field is easy technically profitable field which is continuously updating and hence Intex took this tough decision and entered inti smartphone field. For the year 2015, Intex proved its best to entertain us with its most advanced featured smartphones and planning the same for 2016 also. And now Aqua Ace 2 is launching for this April. Aqua Ace 2 is designed with advanced features and this will be available in all retail stores along along with online shopping websites also. Price of Intex Aqua Ace 2 was fixed at Rs. 5,999.

Intex Cloud Jewel Specifications and Price in India

Outer frame: Outer body measures 143.5×71.4×8.95mm. It weighs 140 grams and bears many other advanced sensor features like accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and proximity sensor.

Display: It is designed with 5-inch HD IPS display with a pixel resolution of 720×1280 pixel of 294ppi.

Operating System: Intex Cloud Jewel supports dual-SIM which runs with 5.1 Lollipop operating system. New Intex smartphone is powered by a 1GHz quad-core processor.

Battery: Power full battery with designed with 2500mAh capacity.

RAM and Storage: It is designed with 2GB of RAM capacity. It has 16 GB of built in storage capacity and can also be expandable up to 32 GB via microSD card.

Camera: 8 megapixel rear with autofocus technology and 2 megapixel front-facing camera.

Other Features: Connectivity options include many advanced features like 3G HSPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Micro-USB 2.0, and a 3.5mm audio jack. The smartphone also supports 4G connectivity which is also compatible.




TV Protection in Hospitals

When a hospital is designing a refurbishment, extension or new built, the hospital usually appoints an architect to design the ward, or behavioural unit.


Now ProEnc started working with architects back in 2009 and in 2011 the design for television enclosures had been approved by the board of architects that advise the US Federal Mental Health department.

As you can imagine TV protection and making a wall mounted TV anti ligature can be a challenge and in the past years we have been called into hospitals to replace what’s been sold anti ligature housings for TV’s that just fall apart when attacked for the first time.

Architects brief

The architects are brought in to the project to ensure the built is fully compliant with the legal requirements of an anti ligature environment. This means specifying everything from door locks, furniture, curtain rails to protective housings for televisions.

Even the fire alarms have to be accessible but yet prevent a patient from harming them self.

In our experience we find projects that are not run by architects don’t run as smoothly as the projects when an architects leads.

When an architect is not involved

We’ve experienced builds being 2 weeks from completion, for someone to realise that the anti ligature aspect has been overlooked, this in some instances has resulted in TV’S being installed as normal without protection. We’ve even been contacted before an inspection to replace products that are just not up to the job!

Something that has never been done before. This housing just bolts to the wall and can be skimmed up to the edge and then painted, so it appears part of the wall and does not take any space off the confined area in a patients room.


Not all protective anti ligature housings are the same, we’ve had Facility Directors contact us prior to opening the hospital wing, insisting that the poor plastic products supplied are removed immediately. They are very confused when they get the price as the price is less than the cost of the thin plastic box that can easily be used to harm someone when they are in a fragile mental state.

When they get our product they question why the installer or office furniture company made the decision to use a product that is not specified and is a potential danger to both patients and staff.

So if you want the best in anti ligature TV housings, contact ProEnc on (862) 234-5981 today.

Current DDoS Attack Map

DDoS attacks aim at disrupting an online service for days resulting in harming the site’s reputation and causing losses or to make important online information go unavailable for a time period. According to stats, tens of thousands of media, newspapers and business sites are brought down by DDoS attackers every single day.

ddos attack

The current DDoS attack maps today allow you to visualize cyberspace and see how everyone is attacking each others’ networks around the globe to harm businesses of competitors. These maps are very useful in raising awareness about DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. These attacks are malicious attempts to bring down or shut down websites by overwhelming them with enormous traffic that much more than they can handle. The current map displays anonymous attack traffic data to let you explore the attacks happening on the current day.

According to stats from studying such current maps, it was found that every day hackers bring down sites that offer important information such as election sites, media sites and even business websites are hit by competitors. These maps not only allows you to see who is being attacked but it also provides you data about the attackers, which may be money makers, activists or just malicious, revolutionary hackers.

The current DDoS attack maps show you a live display of the attack origins and targets. The stats of attack data almost look like some graffiti done across the world map. It is quite fascinating and interesting to see a live map for DDoS attacks but the challenges such attacks pose are dangerous to the affected brands’ reputation as well as business.