Integration of WordPress with Social Media


Social media network has gone a long way to revolutionizing the world. It affects virtually every aspect of the internet and is very relevant in the field of blogging. Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on brings in effectiveness in blogging. As a good blogger, you have to take advantage of these media in order to bring your profession to a top notch position.

Google’s new SEO technique

Google brought in a new SEO practice which goes beyond stuffing a page with keywords and anchor text linking. The new SEO practice introduced by Google is the search marketing integration. This is an SEO practice which integrates the use of social media in search engine optimization. Social media and marketing are seen to have a wide gap between them. However, the SMI practice highlights the fact that such a gap does not exist. You can use media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and so on to effectively optimize your blog.

WordPress and social media

By now, you should have seen the correlation between wordpress and social media networks. The sole aim of blogging with wordpress or any other content management system is to generate traffic. Social media networks have the large number of traffic needed by every blogger. You can integrate social media in your wordpress by posting your contents to your walls in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and lots more to generate great volume of traffic.

It is also very important to maintain large followers-base in social media networks. This simply means people who visit your social media page in order to read your quality contents. Social media is truly an avenue for effective blogging today.

Maintaining constant interaction with your blog visitors

One of the pros of social media networks in blogging is maintaining even or constant interaction with your blog visitors. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and lots more ushers a platform whereby you can constantly relate with your visitors to know how they feel about your blog posts. This will also give you the opportunity to know if there is any odd in the way your visitors see your post. Improvement becomes possible by taking advantage of social media interaction stream.

Feedback mechanism is very important

As a blogger, one thing you should strive at achieving is a good feedback mechanism. In other words, you ought to generate effective feedback mechanism for your blog. This will help you so much to know areas that need amendment in the services you offer. Active feedback method is usually the best in this regards. You can achieve this by putting up a question which prompts your audience to provide feedback by answering it.

In conclusion, your visitors feel relaxed knowing that you are always there for them. People seek for attention and they will be satisfied to know that you are all-ears to hear whatever they have to say and also provide solutions to their problems. Social media has brought in lots of revolutions to blogging world.

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