How to Use Mobile Devices for your Branding

Using technology in the right dimension is highly beneficial to convey your brand to a larger audience. Mobile devices are a great medium nowadays to register your brand message to the target class. Increasing technology advancements have made it easier to reach consumers in a more effective way. Firstly, websites were only accessible through desktop computers and laptops. Now, tablets and smart phones have opened new horizons for brand positioning  in a consumer’s life on a day to day basis.

It provides a platform to stand out from your competitors by carrying out promotional campaign of your brand in a better way. Here are some useful tips which will guide you how to do your branding across mobile devices properly:

  • Consistent with Web Fonts:

 It is very important for you to stand out from your competitors. Typekit is available worldwide which guides you how to select web fonts in accordance to your needs. Use simple as well as effective fonts to represent your brand. The typography that you select has a direct effect on a customer’s perception about your brand. It takes years to build brand loyalty. Be careful in choosing right web fonts that are able to compliment your image instead of cluttering it.

Maintain consistency of your brand while using digital media ( in websites designing or advertisements that are to be displayed on websites). Avoid using too much of fonts to convey your message. It might lose the essence. Likewise, avoid using very decorative fonts that can hinder readability. The more straightforward you are, the better are the results of getting viewers’ attention.

  • Technology Oriented:

It is vital to make your brand technology oriented, that is, having compatibility with latest digital trends. Give special attention to ecommerce usage. You can provide enhanced facilities to your customers by providing the option of online shopping. Try to maintain your standard on all platforms .

Also, make sure your branding is displayed properly on mobiles. For instance, smart phones  usually don’t support flash animations. You will therefore have to design your brand’s website in a way that is supported by all mediums.

  • Good communication:

Good communication between developers, designers and creative directors is highly beneficial to maintain your brand image. It is important for all of them to understand the development process involved so that they can play their active part towards maintaining brand loyalty. Also, they should be able to work in accordance to the changing digital environment, coping up and adopting new technologies needed for the brand to grow. It will help to make the vision a reality.


It is therefore extremely important to use digital media effectively for your product’s  branding. If your brand has got an excellent print campaign but fails to maintain the same image in digital media like television, website designing and smart mobile devices, it can lose its essence.

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