How To Find The Best Deals for a Group Getaway

Heading away as a group is one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. There is nothing quite like jetting away somewhere in a big group of family and friends – and sharing all those amazing memories together.

However, saying that, group travel can be hugely stressful to plan – and can start getting hugely expensive too if you’re not smart about where you stay and who you fly with.

Luckily for you – I’ve been helping large group plan their vacations for many years – and have put together a great list of tips and tricks – so that you don’t end up over spending. Because let’s face it – you want to be saving money for your actual vacation right?

  • Book in advance

This is paramount for big groups – because the later you book your flights the more the price is going to rise and the more unaffordable it’s going to get. As soon as you have your dates – your flights need to be the first thing you get sorted. If you’re flying domestic, or within 2/3 hours then a cheap airlines will usually suffice – so look out for cheap deals on budget airlines to help save you some cash.

  • Go in-direct

If it’s a long-haul flight you’re planning, and you’re still wanting to save some cash on flights, your best bet is to fly in-directly with one of two transfers. Make sure this is OK with the rest of the group first obviously – but if so it could save you hundreds.

  • Book shared accommodation

Go for shared villas instead of simply having a hotel room each. This way you’ll all get to see more of each other – but you’ll also be splitting the cost equally which can often work out lots cheaper. There are plenty of websites out there that let you search holiday homes and villas – which people are looking to rent, and the prices of those will work out much less than a hotel.

  • If you do book a hotel

If you are going to book a hotel, then try booking directly with them. Most hotels will offer you discounts if you book with them directly and if you pay upfront – so make sure you drop them an email or give them a call to see if they can offer you anything. It might also be worth looking a 2/3-bed hotel rooms – as then you can split the cost.

  • Go Self Catered

Go self catered and cook your own food during your stay. This will cut down some serious cash – and it means you can all take it in turns cooking on different nights. You’d all need to maybe put £30 into a kitty at the start of the week – but trust me, that’s much cheaper than forking out around £150 extra to have inclusive meals at a hotel or accommodation complex.

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