Five Destinations To Explore On a French Tour

France is a top tourist destination that attracts millions of people every year. The visitors get attracted to the beautiful countryside, the landscapes, the climate and also its people. The food and the wine’s shows that France is very rich in culture and is the most celebrated holiday destination in Europe.

Now, we will go through the famous places to visit in all of France.

  1. Dune of Pyla

It is the biggest sand dune in the entire Europe. Located in the Arcachon Bay area, it is referred as the moving desert of France. One can find a spectacular view from the top of the desert. For visitors who are athletic they can find the sand slopes very challenging as the sand is very soft.

This is a place known for para-gliders and you will see visitors paragliding sailing in the skies of this desert. It is one of France’s spectacular scenery and you wouldn’t want to miss it at all.

  1. Gorge Du Verdon

It is referred as Europe’s answer to the Grand Canyon and is considered one of Europe’s most beautiful places. Verdon river is famous for its green emerald colour and is the most attractive features of this place. Sporting activities such as rafting, sailing, water skiing and kayaking are also available. For visitors who like water games will just have a blast here.

  1. St Tropez

One of the most picturesque village’s, it is located on the French Riviera. Known as a place where mostly millionaires and celebrities visit as summer guests, this place just lure’s artists, writers and film people all over the world. During the summer and spring, this place just transforms into a complete forest-lit with an ice rink.

  1. Mont Saint Michael 

Located on the coast of Normandy, it is a small island that is spectacular and a well-preserved. This rocky island is surrounded with architecture of the medieval period and also the winding streets.

Situated between Brittany and Normandy, it is an international pilgrimage and a major tourist spot in France. The Mont Saint-Michael bay marathon is an event that takes place every year and starts from Brittany and ends in Normandy. Every year many international personalities take part in this event.

  1. Chamonix

It is the place where the first winter took place way back in 1924. It is a famous ski resort at the foot of Mont-Blanc on the top of French Alps. Chamonix is known as Mecca for mountain bikers and wild alpine mountaineers. Capital of extreme as it is popularly known, it is both winter and summer mountain resort. One can find more visitors on a summer day than a winter day. Climbing and mountaineering are very popular in this place be it for beginners or extreme climbers with a wide range of difficulties.

Snowboarding and skiing also take place in this highly popular tourist place in France.

Chamonix offers a lot of great bars because drinking and eating are as important as climbing and skiing. Book your ferry to France tickets as soon as possible to have a great summer tour of France.

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