Effective Social Media Marketing Tips by Using Instagram

Instagram can effectively be used for the marketing promotional activities of your business. With the increase of the followers, it will surely increase a sufficient interaction for your brand. You can connect a large number of socially engaged consumers with the help of Instagram. Let us discuss some of the effective tips:

Using Instagram

Hash Tags

  • Brand Specific Hash tags: You can include the name of your business in some of the posts. If you want to run some specific marketing campaigns, you can also use unique hash tags for them. For example, if you are campaigning for a quiz contest, create a unique hash tag just for that contest. This helps in promoting your contest and distinguishes the tag from the other general tags.
  • Hash tags for Updates: Unlike Twitter, Instagram is not bounded with character counts. You can include few tags in your updates. Never overuse the hash tags or it may seem that you are too desperate for displaying your posts.
  • Trendy Hash Tags: If you can work with the trends, you can be successful in spreading your words at lightning speed. If your brand suits well with a latest trend, try to make use of it and your post will definitely be observed by thousands of consumers in a few minutes.

Focus On Customers

  • Comments and Likes on Follower’s Photos: You can keep the followers socially engaged by commenting on their posts or simply liking them. It can be more useful when the followers are emulating your brand or including your products in their posts.
  • Embed Photos of Followers: If the Instagram followers are providing some pictures of your product, you can use them by embedding the entire post. Make sure you are providing acknowledgement and taking permission from the followers before using the pictures. This move will surely make them feel special.
  • Respond to Comments: If the followers comment on your posts, make sure you are responding to all of them. This holds true when the comment is a question or something negative about your brand.

Display Your Stuff

  • Creative Pictures: Make sure you are showing some creativity while posting pictures of your products or services. You can use some photography tricks or can hire a professional photographer. By using Photoshop or other photo editing software, you can easily combine a number of small pictures into a single picture.
  • Create Short Videos: You can use short videos of 15 second in your post. Videos can increase the engagement among the users very rapidly.
  • Display Products: Your products must also be displayed in a creative manner. It must be shown in a distinct manner so that the product or the brand can remain in the minds of the users for a longer period of time.

Add Some Tactics

  • Ask Questions: If you ask questions about your product or brand, you can easily increase the discussion among the people about your brand. You can provide a hub for the users by using a unique hash tag, so that they can easily share their photos and opinions with each other.
  • Photo Caption Posts: You can host a photo caption contest among the users where a photo will be posted and the users will have to provide a caption for that. This is a nice way of engaging the consumers by finally rewarding a cool prize!

You should keep on improving your videos and photos for raising the standard of your content. Social media or mobile marketing can be fun as well as successful if you can authentically use the right techniques.

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