DDoS Attack Costs and Protection Software

In order to really appreciate the need of DDoS Attack protection software you must know what the attack is all about and how it works.

This is what happens during a DDoS attack

The common target of this type of an attack usually includes application servers, firewall, internet bandwidth, web servers, routers and DNS servers. Now normally in an ordinary traffic, users are able to easily access their products as well as services. But in the DDoS attack the situation changes.  A hostile attacker will target a web server or any other target/victim with the intention of disrupting that particular service.

In case the attacker is willing to carry out an amplified or bigger attack then it will generally target and infect more than one PC which act as multiple hosts and are part of a botnet. At this point the attackers start to create a denial of service condition that is achieved by engaging or blocking the bandwidth. Post this, the target is left saturated with too many requests such that it is way too many than it can take. As a result of this it is unable to react to the legitimate traffic and thus making the website unavailable. This is how DDoS functions.

What is the Costs Involved?

  1. Recovery cost has to be taken care of. In order to make good the infected server and also to bring back the website to functioning condition while also working to mitigate risk in future.
  2. Indirect cost are also involved which generally entail loss of revenue as well as tarnished reputation of the brand.
  3. Opportunity cost cannot be discounted in this case. It is in terms of the lost traffic and the lost customers during which time the server was blocked

Protection Software

The protection software is absolutely necessary not only for the above mentioned reason but also for the fact that if these attacks are prevent then post attack recovery can take days even weeks which will cost much higher than when it would have to prevent the entire thing. Nowadays hackers can send 300 gigabytes of malicious threats every second. To combat this very powerful software is required at every layer of the server to fight off malware and viruses.

Any good protection software will also provide extra perks like a mitigation center, extra servers at your disposal during times of need and also speedy recovery techniques. It will also have filters that will keep a constant eye on the traffic to spot abnormalities and also analyze the traffic stream to record daily changes or out of the norm behavior. This will help identify the characteristic of the target stream and also alert the host in case any attack is underway.

Prevention is better than cure therefore it is advisable for any internet based company to install a DDoS attack protect software without further ado. This will not only safeguard the server but will also analyze the traffic patterns to give insightful information.

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