Current DDoS Attack Map

DDoS attacks aim at disrupting an online service for days resulting in harming the site’s reputation and causing losses or to make important online information go unavailable for a time period. According to stats, tens of thousands of media, newspapers and business sites are brought down by DDoS attackers every single day.

ddos attack

The current DDoS attack maps today allow you to visualize cyberspace and see how everyone is attacking each others’ networks around the globe to harm businesses of competitors. These maps are very useful in raising awareness about DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. These attacks are malicious attempts to bring down or shut down websites by overwhelming them with enormous traffic that much more than they can handle. The current map displays anonymous attack traffic data to let you explore the attacks happening on the current day.

According to stats from studying such current maps, it was found that every day hackers bring down sites that offer important information such as election sites, media sites and even business websites are hit by competitors. These maps not only allows you to see who is being attacked but it also provides you data about the attackers, which may be money makers, activists or just malicious, revolutionary hackers.

The current DDoS attack maps show you a live display of the attack origins and targets. The stats of attack data almost look like some graffiti done across the world map. It is quite fascinating and interesting to see a live map for DDoS attacks but the challenges such attacks pose are dangerous to the affected brands’ reputation as well as business.

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