Choosing from All the Options That Technology Offers Us

We are certainly awash in all sorts of electronic devices these days. It certainly was a lot simpler a few decades ago, when our choices were limited to a desktop computer, or possibly even a laptop and a simple mobile phone. We could make calls with the latter, and access the Internet with the former. It was all pretty easy and not terribly confusing. As time progressed however, we wound up being offered all sorts of new tantalizing devices, starting with smartphones and then even tablet computers, which could do most of everything we had been accustomed to do on a laptop or desktop computer. All of a sudden, the choices became fairly bewildering and there were times when we were at a loss as to what exactly we should choose for our computing devices.

There is no doubt that tablet computers are the latest darling of all of our consumer electronics. Many people appreciate the fact that they are extremely portable, and can almost always connect to the Internet, either through a Wi-Fi signal or even a high-speed cellular connection. However, some people still prefer a laptop for a portable computing device. If they have to do a lot of typing, a regular keyboard is still typically easier to use and provides more sensory input then the virtual keyboards that tablets offer. The truth is however, that they are substantially heavier and bulkier than a tablet. This sometimes makes for a difficult choice for consumers. If they’re lucky, they can get one of each.

A Great Operating System for Free

There is an old saying that states that the best things in life are free. This is usually not the case for consumer electronics, which can cost a substantial amount. However, there is one operating system for personal computers and laptops which is just that: free. It is called Linux, and has a lot of fans all over the world. In most cases, it can easily replace the Windows operating system, if one knows what they’re doing. Understanding Linux is not an easy task. It takes a little training and certainly some expertise to have any computers running on this open-source operating system performing in optimal conditions. Fortunately, this is one operating system which has a worldwide base of fans, or constantly tweaking and improving it, so that users can get the maximum enjoyment and productivity out of it.

The Complex World of Operating Systems

Apart from Linux, until recently the only operating systems that were easily available were either iOS, which runs on all Apple computers and laptops, or one of the many versions of Windows from Microsoft. But in recent years, other big software companies have gotten in on the act. Even Google, who is primarily known for dominating the world of search engines, has created in partnership with third-party manufacturers their own line of laptops, called Chromebooks. They don’t necessarily offer all the functionality of some of the latest operating systems, such as Windows 8, but they provide great value for the money.

It really comes down to what features each consumer is looking for in their operating system and what price points they want to pay for them. In today’s market, there’s something for everybody and every one can expect to get the computing experience that they desire.

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