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How to increase YouTube views

Numerous people from every corners of globe have become well-known and famous YouTubers because of their YouTube videos. But for every YouTube celebrity there are many thousands of people who are having a lot of trouble getting views. If you really want to get more views and organic views on your YouTube videos, then you have to create a video with amazing quality with user oriented value, but you must have some skills to make your video more visible for search engines. Using related and nice descriptions, sharing your video in social networks and also with a lot of people, and making sure your video looks great are a few ways to boost your video into the YouTube stratosphere which is bigger than you can imagine.

Some of the cool tips to increase your YouTube views are from

  1. Upload new videos every now and then, and ideally on a timetable. On the off chance that your visitors generally expects another video each Tuesday, they’ll anticipate Tuesdays! When you upload another video, the individuals who have subscribed to your channel will get a message, so be on time.
  1. Post each of your YouTube videos on Facebook utilizing Facebook’s local video uploader (Fact: Facebook recordings now get more engagement than shared YouTube videos). Ask them a suggestion to review your video inside the Facebook video post to “look at my different recordings on YouTube” with a link to your YouTube channel.
  1. Keep your video titles to 50 characters or less. Any more, and your title will get cut off, diminishing the odds it will get clicked by users.
  1. Embed your YouTube videos on your blog and elevate them to your online network of people. This won’t just expand video views, it will build your’s site hits as well as subscribers.

How are online magazines affecting traditional print?

The reach of the Internet has grown over the years and it is very much a global phenomenon that has enabled us all to communicate far more easily, across the miles. One communication method that has risen in popularity is the use of online publications, such as newspapers and magazines. Just click here and take a look at how easy it is to create an online magazine and you can see why even non-traditional publishers are using this type of publication to engage with readers.

So, what does this mean for the world of traditional publishing? It’s certainly true that the industry has changed but it has not declined and died as many predicted it might. Many people still like to read a traditional magazine and you can still see the glossy publications adorning the shelves in stores. Let’s take a look at why the worlds of both digital and traditional publishing are important and what the future may hold.

Why digital and traditional publishing can co-exist

The traditional publishing industry has gone through a certain amount of rationalisation over the last few years. There is no doubt that publishing numbers were adversely affected by the continuing rise in popularity of digital content. That being said, traditionally published content has begun to rise in popularity again.

There will also always be a place for the niche market within traditional printing; one that does not always exist to the same extent in the digital world. Of course digital content is here to stay although many online publishers are having their own issues with the thorny subject of how to find strategies that work with regards to including advertising in publications. There are two things that digital content that will always be able to provide over and above traditional print; immediacy of access and the ability to present a more immersive reading experience.

What does the future hold?

It’s difficult to make any hard and fast predictions about what the future holds for both digital content production and traditional printing. It certainly seems as though traditional print will continue to fight its corner and defy the critics who predicted its demise.

It also seems likely that online publishers will continue to have to deal with the problems presented by having to identify a successful advertising strategy that does not deter people from accessing their publications. There is certainly no reason why digital publishing cannot exist at the same time as the traditional publishing industry; both types of publishing have their own strengths

The world of publishing has certainly been revolutionised by the Internet. It does not matter where you are in the world, you can now read your favourite publication online, assuming it has a digital presence. This does not mean that we have all stopped buying traditional magazines; far from it. It seems that we live in a world where people are happy to mix the traditional with the new to create a more diverse reading landscape.

DDoS Attack Costs and Protection Software

In order to really appreciate the need of DDoS Attack protection software you must know what the attack is all about and how it works.

This is what happens during a DDoS attack

The common target of this type of an attack usually includes application servers, firewall, internet bandwidth, web servers, routers and DNS servers. Now normally in an ordinary traffic, users are able to easily access their products as well as services. But in the DDoS attack the situation changes.  A hostile attacker will target a web server or any other target/victim with the intention of disrupting that particular service.

In case the attacker is willing to carry out an amplified or bigger attack then it will generally target and infect more than one PC which act as multiple hosts and are part of a botnet. At this point the attackers start to create a denial of service condition that is achieved by engaging or blocking the bandwidth. Post this, the target is left saturated with too many requests such that it is way too many than it can take. As a result of this it is unable to react to the legitimate traffic and thus making the website unavailable. This is how DDoS functions.

What is the Costs Involved?

  1. Recovery cost has to be taken care of. In order to make good the infected server and also to bring back the website to functioning condition while also working to mitigate risk in future.
  2. Indirect cost are also involved which generally entail loss of revenue as well as tarnished reputation of the brand.
  3. Opportunity cost cannot be discounted in this case. It is in terms of the lost traffic and the lost customers during which time the server was blocked

Protection Software

The protection software is absolutely necessary not only for the above mentioned reason but also for the fact that if these attacks are prevent then post attack recovery can take days even weeks which will cost much higher than when it would have to prevent the entire thing. Nowadays hackers can send 300 gigabytes of malicious threats every second. To combat this very powerful software is required at every layer of the server to fight off malware and viruses.

Any good protection software will also provide extra perks like a mitigation center, extra servers at your disposal during times of need and also speedy recovery techniques. It will also have filters that will keep a constant eye on the traffic to spot abnormalities and also analyze the traffic stream to record daily changes or out of the norm behavior. This will help identify the characteristic of the target stream and also alert the host in case any attack is underway.

Prevention is better than cure therefore it is advisable for any internet based company to install a DDoS attack protect software without further ado. This will not only safeguard the server but will also analyze the traffic patterns to give insightful information.

With Growing Technology Comes Growing Risk

With the rising use of the internet as a marketing hub, it is imperative for businesses to keep their secure information classified. This requires the aid of competent and tech savvy security experts who are armed with knowledge that enables them to manage the growing complexities associated with securing data, networks and systems.

rising use of the internet

  • Analyzes, recommends, and implements the installation of security software, locks, alarm systems, and other security measures to prevent hackers from infiltrating company information.
  • Monitors and analyzes attempted efforts to compromise security protocols. Identifies and investigates activities and conducts and provides analyses regarding results. Escalates issues to higher level associates.
  • Monitors and assists in analyzing security systems for routers, switches and firewalls to ensure proper connectivity and configuration.
  • Reviews computer logs and messages to identify and report possible violations of security. Coordinates, documents, and reports on internal investigations of security violations.
  • Conducts tests to determine degree of stability of existing data security architecture.
  • Interacts with customers to understand their security needs; assists in the development and implementation of procedures to accommodate them.
  • Writes security status reports to provide system status, report potential and actual security violations and provide procedural recommendations.

Getting the skills you need

Looking at all those skills needed, the expert must obtain a cyber security master’s degree. Through this degree a student gains fundamental skills that enable him to create and operate various systems with the informational security in mind. Furthermore he gains a comprehensive understanding of challenges faced in these systems and the experience in this field both in theory and practice.

The degree itself may be further specified towards numerous concentrations that are compatible to the student’s endowments in areas of their own interests. For example a course on cyber security with a concentration on Management for individuals who are eager to nurture their entrepreneurial abilities in addition to their aptitude in cyber security. It is a course that can be taken online in certain colleges and universities in order to fit the unique circumstances of individual students. This concentration focuses on bridging the gap between technology and management while at the same time demonstrating how business strategies and processes can be incorporated with computer systems. It not only links the corporate world with the technological one, it gives you a clear representation of how the computer systems directly affect your growing business.

Another concentration of the cyber security master’s degree is the technical aspect which enables the prospective student to work hand-on with computer systems programs and develop new ones that will in effect fight back against threats made towards the system and identify areas of weakness in the systems themselves. This concentration is for those who appreciate how systems and networks operate and want to find new and improved ways of fixing them. It provides formal training in systematic engineering theories on ways of designing and maintaining software created for computer systems.

The cyber security master’s degree helps prospective students progress in leadership and management roles that specialize in developing and executing strategies for creating computer systems for securing data and ensuring vital information remains classified as well as blending your information technology abilities with business skills that grow your business to meet the demands of the growing international markets.

How to Use Mobile Devices for your Branding

Using technology in the right dimension is highly beneficial to convey your brand to a larger audience. Mobile devices are a great medium nowadays to register your brand message to the target class. Increasing technology advancements have made it easier to reach consumers in a more effective way. Firstly, websites were only accessible through desktop computers and laptops. Now, tablets and smart phones have opened new horizons for brand positioning  in a consumer’s life on a day to day basis.

It provides a platform to stand out from your competitors by carrying out promotional campaign of your brand in a better way. Here are some useful tips which will guide you how to do your branding across mobile devices properly:

  • Consistent with Web Fonts:

 It is very important for you to stand out from your competitors. Typekit is available worldwide which guides you how to select web fonts in accordance to your needs. Use simple as well as effective fonts to represent your brand. The typography that you select has a direct effect on a customer’s perception about your brand. It takes years to build brand loyalty. Be careful in choosing right web fonts that are able to compliment your image instead of cluttering it.

Maintain consistency of your brand while using digital media ( in websites designing or advertisements that are to be displayed on websites). Avoid using too much of fonts to convey your message. It might lose the essence. Likewise, avoid using very decorative fonts that can hinder readability. The more straightforward you are, the better are the results of getting viewers’ attention.

  • Technology Oriented:

It is vital to make your brand technology oriented, that is, having compatibility with latest digital trends. Give special attention to ecommerce usage. You can provide enhanced facilities to your customers by providing the option of online shopping. Try to maintain your standard on all platforms .

Also, make sure your branding is displayed properly on mobiles. For instance, smart phones  usually don’t support flash animations. You will therefore have to design your brand’s website in a way that is supported by all mediums.

  • Good communication:

Good communication between developers, designers and creative directors is highly beneficial to maintain your brand image. It is important for all of them to understand the development process involved so that they can play their active part towards maintaining brand loyalty. Also, they should be able to work in accordance to the changing digital environment, coping up and adopting new technologies needed for the brand to grow. It will help to make the vision a reality.


It is therefore extremely important to use digital media effectively for your product’s  branding. If your brand has got an excellent print campaign but fails to maintain the same image in digital media like television, website designing and smart mobile devices, it can lose its essence.

Choosing from All the Options That Technology Offers Us

We are certainly awash in all sorts of electronic devices these days. It certainly was a lot simpler a few decades ago, when our choices were limited to a desktop computer, or possibly even a laptop and a simple mobile phone. We could make calls with the latter, and access the Internet with the former. It was all pretty easy and not terribly confusing. As time progressed however, we wound up being offered all sorts of new tantalizing devices, starting with smartphones and then even tablet computers, which could do most of everything we had been accustomed to do on a laptop or desktop computer. All of a sudden, the choices became fairly bewildering and there were times when we were at a loss as to what exactly we should choose for our computing devices.

There is no doubt that tablet computers are the latest darling of all of our consumer electronics. Many people appreciate the fact that they are extremely portable, and can almost always connect to the Internet, either through a Wi-Fi signal or even a high-speed cellular connection. However, some people still prefer a laptop for a portable computing device. If they have to do a lot of typing, a regular keyboard is still typically easier to use and provides more sensory input then the virtual keyboards that tablets offer. The truth is however, that they are substantially heavier and bulkier than a tablet. This sometimes makes for a difficult choice for consumers. If they’re lucky, they can get one of each.

A Great Operating System for Free

There is an old saying that states that the best things in life are free. This is usually not the case for consumer electronics, which can cost a substantial amount. However, there is one operating system for personal computers and laptops which is just that: free. It is called Linux, and has a lot of fans all over the world. In most cases, it can easily replace the Windows operating system, if one knows what they’re doing. Understanding Linux is not an easy task. It takes a little training and certainly some expertise to have any computers running on this open-source operating system performing in optimal conditions. Fortunately, this is one operating system which has a worldwide base of fans, or constantly tweaking and improving it, so that users can get the maximum enjoyment and productivity out of it.

The Complex World of Operating Systems

Apart from Linux, until recently the only operating systems that were easily available were either iOS, which runs on all Apple computers and laptops, or one of the many versions of Windows from Microsoft. But in recent years, other big software companies have gotten in on the act. Even Google, who is primarily known for dominating the world of search engines, has created in partnership with third-party manufacturers their own line of laptops, called Chromebooks. They don’t necessarily offer all the functionality of some of the latest operating systems, such as Windows 8, but they provide great value for the money.

It really comes down to what features each consumer is looking for in their operating system and what price points they want to pay for them. In today’s market, there’s something for everybody and every one can expect to get the computing experience that they desire.