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5 Things To Avoid In Making Your Blog Post

Blog posting have become quite popular nowadays. It has turned into a profitable business and hence people are trying their luck in this new internet business. Blog posting is not an easy job and one have to learn a lot before coming into this business. When we initiate any new business, we commit many mistakes and the same happens with the blogging business. Many newbie commit some common mistakes, which hampers their business and they face a huge loss in business. So, we must avoid these common mistakes. Learn easy to start a blog

Here, 5 common mistakes have been elaborately described, which must be avoided in blogging profession-

Greed For Money

Undoubtedly, blogging is very profitable business and hence we can earn a huge profit from this business. The beginners, in order to make more money in short period of time make use of illegal deals and face huge loss. So, it is advisable that we must have patience and do not make use of any illegal means to earn money from blogging business. We should not try to earn money in short span of time.

Duplicate Content

Often it has been found that due to convenience, few bloggers do not take care of the content and duplicate content in published. It must be highly avoided because duplicate content bring down the reputation of the blog to a great deal. Moreover, traffic also reduces to a certain limit and you again face loss. So, it is advisable that make use of fresh and unique content in your blog.

Over Use Of Keywords In The Content

Keywords are quite important tools for popularity of blogs. Usage of well-researched keywords can improve the ranking of your blog and you will get huge profit from your blog. Sometimes, newbie overuses the keywords in the content, which reduces the quality of the content. It must be avoided and standard keywords density must be used, which is 2-3%.

Losing Our Patience

Blogging business requires a huge patience. You will not get everything at one go. You must have great deal of patience to tolerate the ups and downs in the business. Often, the internet business faces huge loss, so you must prepare yourself to tolerate the loss in the business. Sometime, you may earn unexpectedly high amount. So, it is all uncertain business, so you should not lose your patience in the beginning of the business. You will gradually get good results for your business.

Do Not Chase The Deadline

Chasing deadline in blogging is foremost and important thing. Few beginners are not sincere enough and they delay the deadline. This delay in the work is quite harmful at initial stage of business, because clients want their work in time. So, you must chase the deadline sincerely in blogging profession to achieve success.

So, above mentioned are few things, which the beginners in this field often commit. These mistakes become the reason for their failure, so it is advisable that one must avoid these mistakes. If they successfully avoid these mistakes, they will surely achieve huge profit in blogging business.

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What is ReTweet (RT)? The Super Hero of Tweets

Every blogger on Twitter tweets their content at one time or another. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with tweeting about your own content but also it help your to build your brand. But tweeting only on your own post or stuff is not sufficient and you should retweet for gaining publicity. In short we can say that, Retweeting is a key part of the social interaction. Also, Twitter is a social tool, not entirely broadcasting medium.

How Retweet help you in Promoting your Content?

We all are aware about the Content marketing as it is any marketing that involves the sharing and creation of media and publishing posts in order to acquire and retain customers. When you help your follower to discover new knowledge and information, you become a valued information source and build trust. When people get to know about your tweets they will definitely retweet them and that’s how you can promote your content on this social media platform.

You can also keep these things in your mind in order to promote your content:

  • If you tweet interesting and funny tweets then it will results no boredom and more exploring for new facts or contents on your profile.
  • You can also insert links of your blog which will bring visitors on your blog.
  • Images will also make your blog more interesting
  • Use of short and simple tweets will bring lots of Retweets.
  • Use of simple language in your tweets will lead to large people engagement on your blog.
  • You can also use Hash tags in your tweets.

You can also use “ to spread your post to large number of people. It will definitely increase your retweets and finally your followers will also increase.

How Twitter Followers Trend works?

This site provides you lots of plans according to people reach. You can buy them according to your convenience. When you buy the plan then the site will took your tweets to large number of people and if someone likes your tweet then he/she will retweet your post. That’s how this site works for you. This process is quite beneficial for you if you are looking to build your brand. These types of site will bring you great visitor engagement at a short interval of time.

You can contact this site by using the official link and can get lots of followers on twitter in a short interval of time.


We all aware about the role of social media in our regular life but the social sharing apps like Twitter can help you to start your own business and with the help of some strategies you can also get lots of followers at a short interval of time. These social networking sites can help you to grow your business. You just need to stay updated with these social networking apps. People share your tweets if they like them and then your post will reach to large number of people. That’s why retweet is called as superhero of all Tweets.

Verifying the Authenticity of the News of Facebook Launching a Smartphone

The tech savvies have been long awaiting a Facebook phone and rumors of one being launched has been in the air. But how long will it remain a chatter? Recently, it was being heard that this social network would be announcing the launch of this phone in a recent press event. The Facebook official had sent out a word for the media people, asking them to “Come See Our New Home on Android”. This declaration was made on the 4th of April. As history goes, whenever Facebook has announced invites like this the result has been never less than something grand has, like the News Feed redesign and Graph Search.

Reports from 9to5Google

As reported by 9to5Google, Facebook had prepared to quite an extent upon an advertising campaign along with HTC, which can be taken as an indication of the social network becoming a partner with HTC. This partnership might be the step towards the development of an hardware for a Smartphone.

Those who have direct access to the information regarding this matter, had conveyed to 9to5Google that advertisement campaign focused on the potential users of the device. It doesn’t focus on software or hardware. The rumored catchphrase for the Smartphone is going to be “more than just an app.”

Reports from TechCrunch

TechCrunch on the other hand states that, sources who are acquainted with the matter are of the opinion that an HTC Smartphone is planned by the social network. This device would run upon a modified Android version and will be using an in-built native Facebook functionality. It can be understood that one device like this would be greatly relied upon the apps like Messenger from Facebook. As a result, the users get to share from different apps easily.

News on the New HTC Myst

In some of the recent news fresh information on an upcoming Myst from HTC were leaked. This news had been at par with the rumors of the Facebook phone. The hardware specifications of the device are stated below,

  1. 5GHz dual-core Snapdragon Processor
  2. 16GB Internal Storage
  3. 1GB RAM

Also, the device might include,

  1. A 4.3-inch display
  2. A 5-megapixel rear camera
  3. A 1.6-megapixel front-facing camera

Flopped Attempts by HTC


The HTC ChaCha

Two Facebook phones were unveiled in the year 2011 by HTC. Through these phones, one could access this social networking site through some dedicated buttons. These two devices were the HTC Salsa and the HTC ChaCha. One single button at the bottom of these phones would take them to the site directly. As a result updating status, uploading photographs, videos or sharing stuffs and checking into places through Facebook had become too easy. Unfortunately, both of the endeavors were big flops.


One would need to understand that though the rumor regarding a Facebook phone has been doing the rounds of market for several years now, still there is no confirmed news about a launch yet. As it has been heard from the Horse’s mouth, i.e. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he is not at all interested in the Phone business.

Effective Social Media Marketing Tips by Using Instagram

Instagram can effectively be used for the marketing promotional activities of your business. With the increase of the followers, it will surely increase a sufficient interaction for your brand. You can connect a large number of socially engaged consumers with the help of Instagram. Let us discuss some of the effective tips:

Using Instagram

Hash Tags

  • Brand Specific Hash tags: You can include the name of your business in some of the posts. If you want to run some specific marketing campaigns, you can also use unique hash tags for them. For example, if you are campaigning for a quiz contest, create a unique hash tag just for that contest. This helps in promoting your contest and distinguishes the tag from the other general tags.
  • Hash tags for Updates: Unlike Twitter, Instagram is not bounded with character counts. You can include few tags in your updates. Never overuse the hash tags or it may seem that you are too desperate for displaying your posts.
  • Trendy Hash Tags: If you can work with the trends, you can be successful in spreading your words at lightning speed. If your brand suits well with a latest trend, try to make use of it and your post will definitely be observed by thousands of consumers in a few minutes.

Focus On Customers

  • Comments and Likes on Follower’s Photos: You can keep the followers socially engaged by commenting on their posts or simply liking them. It can be more useful when the followers are emulating your brand or including your products in their posts.
  • Embed Photos of Followers: If the Instagram followers are providing some pictures of your product, you can use them by embedding the entire post. Make sure you are providing acknowledgement and taking permission from the followers before using the pictures. This move will surely make them feel special.
  • Respond to Comments: If the followers comment on your posts, make sure you are responding to all of them. This holds true when the comment is a question or something negative about your brand.

Display Your Stuff

  • Creative Pictures: Make sure you are showing some creativity while posting pictures of your products or services. You can use some photography tricks or can hire a professional photographer. By using Photoshop or other photo editing software, you can easily combine a number of small pictures into a single picture.
  • Create Short Videos: You can use short videos of 15 second in your post. Videos can increase the engagement among the users very rapidly.
  • Display Products: Your products must also be displayed in a creative manner. It must be shown in a distinct manner so that the product or the brand can remain in the minds of the users for a longer period of time.

Add Some Tactics

  • Ask Questions: If you ask questions about your product or brand, you can easily increase the discussion among the people about your brand. You can provide a hub for the users by using a unique hash tag, so that they can easily share their photos and opinions with each other.
  • Photo Caption Posts: You can host a photo caption contest among the users where a photo will be posted and the users will have to provide a caption for that. This is a nice way of engaging the consumers by finally rewarding a cool prize!

You should keep on improving your videos and photos for raising the standard of your content. Social media or mobile marketing can be fun as well as successful if you can authentically use the right techniques.

Plus Points and Drawbacks of Using Social Media Services

Plus points of Social Media

1-Get the Data with One Click

Social media has many advantages. It is an important source of information. It helps people to have all the data that they need without having to pay money or to move from one library into another to get the information that they are looking for.  Thanks to the social media, they can catch the news and any information with a simple click

2- Facility of Interaction

Social media give people the opportunity to express their point of views. They can watch many videos and images according to their preferences and give a feedback at the same time. It is a two way communication system.  It helps also to find new friends and talk with them easily especially on the social networking website such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

Drawbacks of social Media

Social media is open to everybody. This paves the way to some people to cheat and take advantage from other people who have small experience in using the social media and who are still not aware of these kinds of abuses. Some people even tends to hurt others feelings and ripe their intimacy. There are many examples of real life stories of cheating people especially through the social networks either for commercial, relational or political reasons.

1- Social Media Addiction

Nowadays, social media has become something vital in our lives. It is a way to be up to date, to make researches, to make business, to meet other people and to make many other things. The more people need it the more they become dependent to it. In certain cases it has even become a kind of addiction especially for young people who spend limitless hours using the social networks such as Facebook and You Tube. They cannot control their use of social media, and carry on interacting with other people even if they have to reduce their sleeping and studying hours.

2- Social Media and Sexual Abuse

There are many social networking websites  using anonymous users to communicate with the contacts on line regardless of their ages and expose them to sexual messages and chocking photos that may affect their  personality and make them shift away to practice other sexual abuses  and prevent them from being innocent and live a normal live at their early age.

3- How to Prevent Social Abuses

There are many steps to follow in order to protect young people from social media abuses.  The parents need to teach their children and talk with them openly and give them examples and details concerning the danger of the uncontrolled use of social networking websites. They need to make sure that they are 100% convinced; otherwise they will find many ways to connect to it and its impact risks to be even worse.

4- Tips to Prevent Social Media Abuses

When being connected you need to be very selective in your choice of topics and websites. Try to visit reliable ones. You need to protect your account and make it as private as possible. That would help you to save your private information and keep away from the bad contacts and abuses.

Integration of WordPress with Social Media


Social media network has gone a long way to revolutionizing the world. It affects virtually every aspect of the internet and is very relevant in the field of blogging. Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on brings in effectiveness in blogging. As a good blogger, you have to take advantage of these media in order to bring your profession to a top notch position.

Google’s new SEO technique

Google brought in a new SEO practice which goes beyond stuffing a page with keywords and anchor text linking. The new SEO practice introduced by Google is the search marketing integration. This is an SEO practice which integrates the use of social media in search engine optimization. Social media and marketing are seen to have a wide gap between them. However, the SMI practice highlights the fact that such a gap does not exist. You can use media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and so on to effectively optimize your blog.

WordPress and social media

By now, you should have seen the correlation between wordpress and social media networks. The sole aim of blogging with wordpress or any other content management system is to generate traffic. Social media networks have the large number of traffic needed by every blogger. You can integrate social media in your wordpress by posting your contents to your walls in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and lots more to generate great volume of traffic.

It is also very important to maintain large followers-base in social media networks. This simply means people who visit your social media page in order to read your quality contents. Social media is truly an avenue for effective blogging today.

Maintaining constant interaction with your blog visitors

One of the pros of social media networks in blogging is maintaining even or constant interaction with your blog visitors. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and lots more ushers a platform whereby you can constantly relate with your visitors to know how they feel about your blog posts. This will also give you the opportunity to know if there is any odd in the way your visitors see your post. Improvement becomes possible by taking advantage of social media interaction stream.

Feedback mechanism is very important

As a blogger, one thing you should strive at achieving is a good feedback mechanism. In other words, you ought to generate effective feedback mechanism for your blog. This will help you so much to know areas that need amendment in the services you offer. Active feedback method is usually the best in this regards. You can achieve this by putting up a question which prompts your audience to provide feedback by answering it.

In conclusion, your visitors feel relaxed knowing that you are always there for them. People seek for attention and they will be satisfied to know that you are all-ears to hear whatever they have to say and also provide solutions to their problems. Social media has brought in lots of revolutions to blogging world.