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Current DDoS Attack Map

DDoS attacks aim at disrupting an online service for days resulting in harming the site’s reputation and causing losses or to make important online information go unavailable for a time period. According to stats, tens of thousands of media, newspapers and business sites are brought down by DDoS attackers every single day.

ddos attack

The current DDoS attack maps today allow you to visualize cyberspace and see how everyone is attacking each others’ networks around the globe to harm businesses of competitors. These maps are very useful in raising awareness about DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. These attacks are malicious attempts to bring down or shut down websites by overwhelming them with enormous traffic that much more than they can handle. The current map displays anonymous attack traffic data to let you explore the attacks happening on the current day.

According to stats from studying such current maps, it was found that every day hackers bring down sites that offer important information such as election sites, media sites and even business websites are hit by competitors. These maps not only allows you to see who is being attacked but it also provides you data about the attackers, which may be money makers, activists or just malicious, revolutionary hackers.

The current DDoS attack maps show you a live display of the attack origins and targets. The stats of attack data almost look like some graffiti done across the world map. It is quite fascinating and interesting to see a live map for DDoS attacks but the challenges such attacks pose are dangerous to the affected brands’ reputation as well as business.

Top five features to look for in a games console

Buying or looking for a new gaming console is never easy. Whilst choice is always a good thing, an over saturation of choice leaves a bad taste with many gamers; just how do you choose between them? In this regard, here are a few features that should prove as useful for this for what to look for.

This can hopefully help you find a new console, or switch to something more preferable. Don’t forget you can always sell your old devices, such as selling old consoles or selling Nintendo 3DS online, to generate money if the cost itself is more of an issue.

  1. The games

First and foremost, you want your gaming console to play games. With the world of console-exclusive titles, it’s more important than ever. More than this, a look through any consoles standing catalogue of entries can tell you what the console itself has to offer.

For instance, if the vast majority of games aren’t something you would play, is this something you’re comfortable with. Past trends and current trends are good indicators of the future. If certain games are popular, and more are on the horizon, it’s best if they’re the kind of titles you want to get your hands on.

  1. Other media

For many, the modern game console also needs to be a central hub for media. Home consoles accept other media discs, such as DVDs and Bluray, in addition to online options, such as streaming. Even portable consoles offer downloadable media, such as games, music and videos. If you want the most from your console, pick something that leans towards the collecting, playing and sharing of media.

  1. Connectivity

With modern computing and technology, everything is connected. A gaming console, likewise, often comes with an internet connection. At home this isn’t a problem, but there are always factors to consider. What is the connection service on offer like? Likewise, even portable devices have to worry about signal reception and other factors. Poor connectivity can make a great game unplayable, so make sure you know you’re getting before you buy.

  1. Controls

Accessibility is also important, and a console’s controls are key to this. Any console should feel comfortable in your own hands, with an ergonomic design that makes sense. Without this, your main input method is gone. Other additions include motion sensors and other input devices; it’s all about how you want to play.

  1. Online Services

Similar to connectivity, you want an idea of what’s available online. This isn’t just limited to other services, such as movie streaming, but it also includes any app or game market, as well as the online system itself.

How accessible is the online system, and does it charge additional expenses just to use the online side of the console? All these questions demonstrate the effectiveness of the console’s online presence, which, depending on what you’re after, could be the majority of your console’s lifespan.

Useful Tips to Replace Hot Tub Pump Seals

Hot tubs and spas require regular maintenance and care so that it lasts for a long period of time. Although spas are maintained well, malfunctions are prone to occur in some of the spa parts which need to be repaired or replaced. Hot tub pumps are one of the most important and vital parts of a spa or hot tub. Pump seals can be damaged due to several reasons. It can cause leaks if the motor has run dry. Chemical corrosions can also cause the pump seals to leak. These seals are essential as it prevents water from entering the electrical portion of the spa pumps. Hot tub parts and supplies can be bought from both online and offline stores at affordable prices.

Hot tub pumps include two sections mainly- the dry section and the wet section. The electrical motor is situated in the dry section and it moves the wet section. The impeller of the hot tub is included in the wet section of the pump. It helps to move the water. Some of the most obvious signs of hot tub failure include the following.

  • Loud humming noise caused due to the malfunction of hot tub components such as the motor.
  • Malfunctioning of the motor due to broken bearing or frozen shaft.
  • Screeching noise due to worn out bearing.
  • Puddles of water caused due to leakages of the pump seal.
  • Startup failure of the motor due to jamming of impellers.

Simple Ways to Replace the Pump Seal

Before attempting to replace or repair any spa component, it is essential to unplug the spa and turn off the power supply to prevent possible accidents.

The pump cover includes bolts which need to be removed. Locate the pump which is near to the plumbing connection of the spa.

It is quite easy to access the pump seal as it is placed under the impeller. Use a screwdriver to remove the impeller screws. Some spa models may vary from one another and seldom require impeller screws to be removed.

Locate and inspect the pump seal carefully. The spa shaft should be lubricated so as to simplify the process of re-installation. Check the diffuser and the volute gasket to ensure its functions.

Replace the impeller and the pump cover as before. Ensure to fix the impeller properly while you reinstall the pump cover. After replacing the pump cover, plug in the switch and start the spa as usual.

All types of Master Spa hot tub parts are available quite easily through online stores at various price rates. There are different types of pump seals which are used for different types of spa and hot tubs. Pump seals are made available from reliable and reputed brands through online stores.