A fantastic tool for Mobile Developers, Xamarin brings new Test Cloud Service

A new Test Cloud service that has been announced by Xamarin enables mobile developers to test their apps automatically on hundreds of devices. Xamarin is the maker of cross-platform mobile application development tools and a company empowering over 300,000 developers to make completely native mobile apps for Android and iOS. Xamarin Test Cloud is an automated user interface testing service, based on the Calabash technology from LessPainful which has been acquired by Xamarin. Calabash is the most commonly used cross-platform mobile test automation framework. The announcement this service has been made at the Xamarin Evolve 2013 event on April 16, in Austin, Texas where over 600 mobile developers and industry leaders attended the first worldwide developer conference of the company.

The app marketplace is highly competitive today where the developers are under tremendous pressure to deliver mobile user experiences of high quality for both the employees and consumers. In such a critical situation a crash or small bug can result in poor reviews or permanent app abandonment. Device fragmentation multiplies testing efforts and this makes the development process both time-consuming and costly. The situation gets all the more complicated when more stringent and efficient regression testing becomes necessary for faster release cycles for mobile.

Advantages of Xamarin Test Cloud Service for Mobile Developers:

·         With Xamarin Test Cloud service, it is possible for the developers to conquer device fragmentation as they can test their apps on hundreds of real mobile devices automatically. It will let them be sure that the apps perform properly on actual physical devices where there are multiple combinations of operating systems, resolutions and screens.

·         The service makes it possible to test apps directly through the UI and enhances real user interactions. It goes beyond various other automated UI testing solutions.

·         Xamarin Test Cloud allows the developers deliver high-quality apps on multiple device platforms and it is much more quick, reliable and cost-effective way than the traditional manual testing methods.

·         It is tightly integrated into the development platform of Xamarin and at the same time is available to developers who are making apps in Java, Objective-C and other frameworks. Xamarin Test Cloud makes building mobile apps easy, fast and fun to a large extent. This is a fantastic opportunity for the businesses to hire app developers and get the best apps with Xamarin Test Cloud.

·         This service makes it possible to execute automated acceptance tests for mobile projects continuously, it helps to obtain higher quality, higher test coverage and reduce manual regression testing time. Using it cross-platform testing on Android and iPhone can be done.

·         Xamarin Test Cloud’s App Explorer navigates through the app automatically, visits every screen and exercising buttons as well as other UI controls. With this App Explorer the developers can view their app instantly on hundreds of devices and locate bugs without writing even a single test script. Developers can find and fix bugs quickly with beautiful and detailed test results, performance monitoring, stack traces, detailed device logs and browsable screenshots of apps operating on real physical devices.

·         Xamarin Test Cloud comes with plugins for continuous integration systems like Jenkins, TFS and TeamCity. With command-line interface and API it is easy to run tests and obtain results from a custom build system and integrate with tools.

Xamarin works aiming at producing the best software development tools in the world. With the launch of Xamarin Test Cloud Service for Mobile Developers, creating apps is easy, fast and fun for the developers now.

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