A beginner’s guide to Berlin

Berlin may not be one of the major European tourist cities – but this city definitely has a lot to offer a first time visitor. You’ve probably heard of Berlin because of the Berlin Wall – a huge structure that divided the city for many years – but was finally torn down in 1989, on November the 9th. The city is now a hub of life and energy – with plenty to offer visitors – from great nightlife to shopping – to historical attractions. No matter what your interests, you’re sure to find something here that grabs you in some way or another.

So here is my list of 7 great things to see and do in Berlin during your first visit:

  1. Brandenburg Gate

This is one of the only remaining medieval gates in the city and is such an imposing and grand structure. The gate is a symbol of the city and one of the most popular “post card” photos. It’s definitely something you won’t want to miss – and it’ll strike interest in any history or culture lover.

  1. Holocaust memorial

This unusually but equally emotional memorial is dedicated to those who died during the Holocaust. As an important part of the country’s history – this memorial is an important part of the city and holds important emotion and meaning.

  1. The East Side Gallery

This gallery is constructed from 1300m of the Berlin Wall which originally stood and divided the city in two. The gallery is a constant reminder of the freedom that the country now has – and although it is vandalised in some parts – the meaning and the power of the gallery hasn’t been lost.

  1. Gedachtniskirche Church

This memorial church is not only a beautiful spiritual and religious structure – but stands to tell and interesting story too after WW2. The church is half destroyed  – but don’t let this stop you visiting. Visit to learn more about the building and the story behind it.

  1. Charlottenburg Palace

If you want some glamour and royalty – then visit this beautiful palace for the evening and experience something a little different. When signing up for the evening tour, you’ll not only get a guided tour (which will teach you all sorts about the history of the Palace) but you’ll also get a concert ticket featuring the famous Berlin Residence Orchestra.

  1. Segway tour

If you’ve never been on a Segway – then you’ll love taking part in this great tourist activity. Then seeing the city by Segway will add some fun and laughter into your day – and it’s a great way to try something different and exciting. You certainly won’t forget this!

  1. Experience the nightlife

Berlin is famous for it’s awesome nightlife – so make sure you take advantage of it while you’re there. There are many world-class bars, restaurants and night clubs here – so take a trip around the city and experience them all. Many bars and nightclubs have special offers and deals on various nights – so research the bars you like before visiting and see if there is anything you can work out with them.

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