Happy New Year 2017 Wallpaper HD Free Download for PC & Mobile, iPhone

New Year is one of the biggest and most important holidays, which is the start of beautiful phase of life and also a brand new beginning of new hopes, aspirations as well as dreams. It is one of the most popularly commemorated occasion that celebrated by each and everyone in this entire world. On this peaceful day, people indulge in various fun activities and celebrate the coming year with utmost of zeal, happiness and enthusiasm. They send bunch of wishes, greetings, messages, and lot more things to please their beloved family members and friends on the lovely eve of New Year.

  • Happy New Year 2017 Wallpaper HD

New year 2017!! A perfect time of the year when we all seek for new hopes, a fresh start, make new resolutions and promise for a happy, prosperous and bright future. Every time we say good bye to preceding year and welcome New Year with utmost of fanfare and great pomp. So, here we have collected a huge collection of Happy New Year 2017 wishes, HD Wallpapers.  Check them out and share these stunning and adorable New year wallpapers with your near and dear ones and have an over the top celebration of New year’s eve.

  • Happy New Year 2017 Wallpaper Free Download

The New Year is coming once again, and it’s a time for grand celebration, setting positive goals, resolutions and spending time with our beloved ones. Millions of people around the globe celebrate the beautiful of eve of New Year with their family and friends. As, New Year 2017, is approaching soon, here we have brought to you some wonderful collection of happy New Year wishes 2017 wallpapers. You can be able to download these fabulous New Year wallpapers for free of cost and greet your loved ones by sending these amazing gatherings.

  • Happy New Year 2017 Wallpaper for PC & Mobile, iPhone

New Year always signifies that the time has arrived to bid adieu to the ongoing year and by welcoming the coming year with full of joy and fervor. It is perfect time to celebrate and meanwhile exchange gifts, greetings and much more adorable things to please our dear ones. So, this year if you want to add some New Year beginning flavor to your PC or other gadgets such as Mobile, iPhone, then check out our latest collection of happy New year 2017 wallpapers and also share these innovative wallpapers with your beloved ones.

Prediction Of Dangal 1st Day Collection Is Between 35-40Cr Worldwide

This year’s most-awaited flick of Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan starred Dangal is all set to release worldwide on 23rd of December during the holiday season of Christmas. The film revolves around the true story of former wrestling champion Mahavir Singh Phogat, who trained his daughters to become successful wrestlers. It has already got the enough buzz with its songs and trailer. Fans and audience are eagerly waiting for the film to release soon and are very much keen to get the first glimpse of their favorite actor in wrestling avatar. Everyone has high expectations about this wrestler drama and confident that it will sure to create new records on box office.

  • Dangal to Make 35-40 Crore in First Day

As, Dangal is slated to release this Friday, advanced booking of the tickets is open all over the country including single as well as multi-screen cinema. As per the initial reports, the film is going to release more than 3800 screens in India. So, it is expected to witness 70-80% of occupancy on its opening day in some of the major cities across the nation. Hence Dangal Box Office Collection buzz have already started making their way to reports. As Nitesh Tiwari’s directorial venture is going to have a huge release worldwide, it is expected that Dangal 1st Day Collection in the domestic market will be anywhere between Rs. 35-40 Crores. So, it clearly seems that Aamir Khan’s latest offering will surely break first-day box office collection of Salman Khan Starrer Sultan.

  • Dangal 1st Day Worldwide Collection Prediction

Superstar Aamir Khan got a great buzz in the International market. His last released PK has done a great business in overseas box office. So, the Dangal Worldwide Collection is considered to be better than any other Bollywood movies which were released earlier this year. Reportedly, it is releasing around 1200 screens in overseas. With the increasing popularity of actor will be a key factor for attaining a good public response in western countries. So, Dangal Day 1 Worldwide Collection Prediction is expected to be great which will definitely gather around Rs.50-60 Cr gross on its release day.

5 Things To Avoid In Making Your Blog Post

Blog posting have become quite popular nowadays. It has turned into a profitable business and hence people are trying their luck in this new internet business. Blog posting is not an easy job and one have to learn a lot before coming into this business. When we initiate any new business, we commit many mistakes and the same happens with the blogging business. Many newbie commit some common mistakes, which hampers their business and they face a huge loss in business. So, we must avoid these common mistakes. Learn easy to start a blog

Here, 5 common mistakes have been elaborately described, which must be avoided in blogging profession-

Greed For Money

Undoubtedly, blogging is very profitable business and hence we can earn a huge profit from this business. The beginners, in order to make more money in short period of time make use of illegal deals and face huge loss. So, it is advisable that we must have patience and do not make use of any illegal means to earn money from blogging business. We should not try to earn money in short span of time.

Duplicate Content

Often it has been found that due to convenience, few bloggers do not take care of the content and duplicate content in published. It must be highly avoided because duplicate content bring down the reputation of the blog to a great deal. Moreover, traffic also reduces to a certain limit and you again face loss. So, it is advisable that make use of fresh and unique content in your blog.

Over Use Of Keywords In The Content

Keywords are quite important tools for popularity of blogs. Usage of well-researched keywords can improve the ranking of your blog and you will get huge profit from your blog. Sometimes, newbie overuses the keywords in the content, which reduces the quality of the content. It must be avoided and standard keywords density must be used, which is 2-3%.

Losing Our Patience

Blogging business requires a huge patience. You will not get everything at one go. You must have great deal of patience to tolerate the ups and downs in the business. Often, the internet business faces huge loss, so you must prepare yourself to tolerate the loss in the business. Sometime, you may earn unexpectedly high amount. So, it is all uncertain business, so you should not lose your patience in the beginning of the business. You will gradually get good results for your business.

Do Not Chase The Deadline

Chasing deadline in blogging is foremost and important thing. Few beginners are not sincere enough and they delay the deadline. This delay in the work is quite harmful at initial stage of business, because clients want their work in time. So, you must chase the deadline sincerely in blogging profession to achieve success.

So, above mentioned are few things, which the beginners in this field often commit. These mistakes become the reason for their failure, so it is advisable that one must avoid these mistakes. If they successfully avoid these mistakes, they will surely achieve huge profit in blogging business.

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How to increase YouTube views

Numerous people from every corners of globe have become well-known and famous YouTubers because of their YouTube videos. But for every YouTube celebrity there are many thousands of people who are having a lot of trouble getting views. If you really want to get more views and organic views on your YouTube videos, then you have to create a video with amazing quality with user oriented value, but you must have some skills to make your video more visible for search engines. Using related and nice descriptions, sharing your video in social networks and also with a lot of people, and making sure your video looks great are a few ways to boost your video into the YouTube stratosphere which is bigger than you can imagine.

Some of the cool tips to increase your YouTube views are from www.buyactiveyoutubesubscribers.com:

  1. Upload new videos every now and then, and ideally on a timetable. On the off chance that your visitors generally expects another video each Tuesday, they’ll anticipate Tuesdays! When you upload another video, the individuals who have subscribed to your channel will get a message, so be on time.
  1. Post each of your YouTube videos on Facebook utilizing Facebook’s local video uploader (Fact: Facebook recordings now get more engagement than shared YouTube videos). Ask them a suggestion to review your video inside the Facebook video post to “look at my different recordings on YouTube” with a link to your YouTube channel.
  1. Keep your video titles to 50 characters or less. Any more, and your title will get cut off, diminishing the odds it will get clicked by users.
  1. Embed your YouTube videos on your blog and elevate them to your online network of people. This won’t just expand video views, it will build your’s site hits as well as subscribers.

How are online magazines affecting traditional print?

The reach of the Internet has grown over the years and it is very much a global phenomenon that has enabled us all to communicate far more easily, across the miles. One communication method that has risen in popularity is the use of online publications, such as newspapers and magazines. Just click here and take a look at how easy it is to create an online magazine and you can see why even non-traditional publishers are using this type of publication to engage with readers.

So, what does this mean for the world of traditional publishing? It’s certainly true that the industry has changed but it has not declined and died as many predicted it might. Many people still like to read a traditional magazine and you can still see the glossy publications adorning the shelves in stores. Let’s take a look at why the worlds of both digital and traditional publishing are important and what the future may hold.

Why digital and traditional publishing can co-exist

The traditional publishing industry has gone through a certain amount of rationalisation over the last few years. There is no doubt that publishing numbers were adversely affected by the continuing rise in popularity of digital content. That being said, traditionally published content has begun to rise in popularity again.

There will also always be a place for the niche market within traditional printing; one that does not always exist to the same extent in the digital world. Of course digital content is here to stay although many online publishers are having their own issues with the thorny subject of how to find strategies that work with regards to including advertising in publications. There are two things that digital content that will always be able to provide over and above traditional print; immediacy of access and the ability to present a more immersive reading experience.

What does the future hold?

It’s difficult to make any hard and fast predictions about what the future holds for both digital content production and traditional printing. It certainly seems as though traditional print will continue to fight its corner and defy the critics who predicted its demise.

It also seems likely that online publishers will continue to have to deal with the problems presented by having to identify a successful advertising strategy that does not deter people from accessing their publications. There is certainly no reason why digital publishing cannot exist at the same time as the traditional publishing industry; both types of publishing have their own strengths

The world of publishing has certainly been revolutionised by the Internet. It does not matter where you are in the world, you can now read your favourite publication online, assuming it has a digital presence. This does not mean that we have all stopped buying traditional magazines; far from it. It seems that we live in a world where people are happy to mix the traditional with the new to create a more diverse reading landscape.

What is ReTweet (RT)? The Super Hero of Tweets

Every blogger on Twitter tweets their content at one time or another. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with tweeting about your own content but also it help your to build your brand. But tweeting only on your own post or stuff is not sufficient and you should retweet for gaining publicity. In short we can say that, Retweeting is a key part of the social interaction. Also, Twitter is a social tool, not entirely broadcasting medium.

How Retweet help you in Promoting your Content?

We all are aware about the Content marketing as it is any marketing that involves the sharing and creation of media and publishing posts in order to acquire and retain customers. When you help your follower to discover new knowledge and information, you become a valued information source and build trust. When people get to know about your tweets they will definitely retweet them and that’s how you can promote your content on this social media platform.

You can also keep these things in your mind in order to promote your content:

  • If you tweet interesting and funny tweets then it will results no boredom and more exploring for new facts or contents on your profile.
  • You can also insert links of your blog which will bring visitors on your blog.
  • Images will also make your blog more interesting
  • Use of short and simple tweets will bring lots of Retweets.
  • Use of simple language in your tweets will lead to large people engagement on your blog.
  • You can also use Hash tags in your tweets.

You can also use “www.twitterfollowerstrend.com to spread your post to large number of people. It will definitely increase your retweets and finally your followers will also increase.

How Twitter Followers Trend works?

This site provides you lots of plans according to people reach. You can buy them according to your convenience. When you buy the plan then the site will took your tweets to large number of people and if someone likes your tweet then he/she will retweet your post. That’s how this site works for you. This process is quite beneficial for you if you are looking to build your brand. These types of site will bring you great visitor engagement at a short interval of time.

You can contact this site by using the official link and can get lots of followers on twitter in a short interval of time.


We all aware about the role of social media in our regular life but the social sharing apps like Twitter can help you to start your own business and with the help of some strategies you can also get lots of followers at a short interval of time. These social networking sites can help you to grow your business. You just need to stay updated with these social networking apps. People share your tweets if they like them and then your post will reach to large number of people. That’s why retweet is called as superhero of all Tweets.

Best Home Remedies to get rid from Pimple in Ear

Best Home Remedies to get rid from Pimple in Ear

Pimples on face is the most general problem that many of us facing. This is caused due to traffic and environment conditions. But it is so irritating pimples in ear. This will not allow us to sleep properly as it causes serious irritation all the time. Pimples can cause on any part of the ear like external ear, behind the ear, and even inside your ear canal. The ear pimples are medically called as ear zits or ear bumps or sebaceous cysts. An ear pimple can become uncomfortable and sometimes it can also cause obstruction in hearing. Hearing problem is caused only when the pimple forms in the ear canal, where it can become very painful as well.


These pimples are a kind of disease that commonly occurs because of excess secretion of oil from internal part of skin. This is also caused due to bacteria and fungus attacks. This infection cause bump inside ear and this will contain pus. In some cases this bump is filled with blood and this will further leads to ear bleeding. We should not touch this pimple directly with hand. It causes infection as it contains pus. There is a chance of spreading this from one place to other as it a kind of bacterial and fungal infection.

Home Remedies:

  • To get immediate relief from thin pain, apply warmth of the washcloth which helps in the quicker head formation of the pimple.
  • Heat garlic in oil and pour three to four drops of this oil in ear and stay for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Those who are suffering with pimple in ear canal pour two drops of the basil juice inside the ear canal.
  • Tea tree oil acts as antibacterial agent and by applying it on the pimple will help in quicker relief from the infection.


Reliance announced Upcoming Smartphones Wind 4, Flame 2 and Price

Reliance announced Upcoming Smartphones Wind 4, Flame 2 and Price

Both smartphones will be available on all official website and also can purchase across all retail stores. Year by year it is planning to release attracting and advanced features best new mobiles into the market. Specialty of this company is we have a lot of retail service centers available as it is very easy for Reliance mobile users. As all mobile brands are coming with most updated versions Reliance is also coming with same speed to give tough competition to all other brand smartphones. Reliance Flame and Wind series are well known for good looking features and as Reliance is major company which has different fields.

For the year 2016 it came with Reliance Jio LYF Wind 6 and Flame 1 in February, 2016 and now planning to release three smartphones at a time which includes Lyf Flame 2 and Wind 4. Reliance mobiles have good representation in the market for its advanced features. The Lyf Flame 2 is priced at Rs 4,799 and the Lyf Wind 4 is priced at Rs 6,799 in India.

According to leaked features LYF Flame 2 features is with 4-inch 480 x 800 pixels display. Whereas LYF Wind 4 features 5-inch HD 1280 x 720 pixels display. It is powered by a 1.1 GHz quad-core Qualcomm SnapDragon 210 processor which is clubbed with 1GB RAM and Adreno 304 GPU. This is also designed with Android Lollipop 5.1 operating system, 8GB internal storage and even a 32GB expandable storage facility.It is powered by a 1GHz quad-core processor and 1GB RAM. The smartphone runs on Android Lollipop 5.1 operating system and comes with 8GB of internal storage which can be further expandable by up-to 32GB via a micro SD card.


Perfect Diet Plan for Increasing Body Weight in One Month

Perfect Diet Plan for Increasing Body Weight in One Month

Most of us will go for gym and medicines to increase our body weight and to maintain good looks. But we should know that there are some natural techniques for gaining weight. Not only over weight, People has underweight problem also and it is more dangerous than overweight for ladies mainly. During pregnancy period underweight will cause serious issues. For those people who are fed up with regular workouts here providing best natural ways of gaining weight without any efforts and risk. These will not only helps in gaining weight but also helps in improving immunity power. For overweight honey water is best solution for most of the problems. Consuming aurvedic medicines and going for natural ways empty stomach is often routed as it is the best way to gain weight.

Perfect Diet to put on Weight:

  • Meat is best option for gaining weight. Having meat along with heavy olive oil easily makes our body fit with enough weight. Meat contains a high amount of proteins and iron. Some meat parts are specially meant for gaining weight like rib peice, t-bone, strip and beef tenderloin.
  • Dry fruits include Badam, Kaju, dry grapes, peanuts. These are best sources for nutrients and fat. These will insatantly increase our body fat and hence gains weight within no time along with glowing skin color.
  • These are rich in fats and are best solution for gaining weight. Ghee and Butter also helps for glowing skin along with proper gaining of body weight.
  • Wheat bread is rich in nutrients, fiber and minerals and keeps our body with regular energy levels. Lean people will gain weight as it is rich in many grains and can gain weight.




What is newly updated in HTC One M9 Prime Camera Edition Smartphone

What is newly updated in HTC One M9 Prime Camera Edition Smartphone

HTC smartphones are released more than compared with tablets as they are manufacturing with technical features and hence it stands top in Indian market. Same version but updated smartphone was released form HTC. HTC is one of the famous Smartphones and Tablets company and it is the top most mobile brands in the world market. HTC is well known for advanced designed smartphones and HTC has its own recognition as it became famous in very less span of time. This was launched in 1997 as laptop manufacturer and later in 2008 took step forward in smartphone world. HTC announced about its upcoming releases in September, 2015 and planning to release in early May 2016.

As an updated version HTC is planning to release New HTC One M9 Prime camera Edition in May, 2016. HTC recently released One M9 on 10th April, 2015 in India which is a grand success in the market and planning to release HTC One M10 in this year. HTC One M9 is already proved its best in world market and Prime Camera Edition is also expecting the same. Especially HTC One M9 Prime Camera Edition is designed for camera updates.

New Updated Features: Old version of One M9 is with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage capacity where as Prime Camera Edition is with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB inbuilt storage capacity. Camera features are completely changed in Prime Camera Edition. Old One M9 is with 20 MP but for Prime Camera Edition it is coming with 13 Megapixels.

Price will be less when compared to old HTC One M9 and exact price was not yet confirmed. This will be available from May 2016 and will be available in all online shopping websites. It is going to launch in attracting colors Gunmetal Gray, Gold, Silver and Gold. Dimensions and weight is same for both the versions. Display size is same and pixel resolution is little high for Prime Camera Edition.